where i'm a gonna go?

run for your lives!! the volcano is erupting!!!!

just kidding. yes it is erupting, but no we are not running for our lives. just in case anyone (my grandmother perhaps?) saw the volcano on the news and felt any concern for your little island dwelling darlings- we are a-okay!
some of you may remember that icelandic volcano "Eyjafjallajökull" (that literally only icelandic people can pronounce)? you know- the one that ruined our plans to fly to turkey, france, england, and new york?? that is a different kind of volcano. no dante's peak scenario here. though i do wish linda hamilton and i were friends...

so it's all good in this hood, and hopefully we will be able to go visit the flows once they open up the road again that gets you to it!

the good news is: i got to dissect a squid today! and a clam, but those are small and a little boring. it was squishy and smelly and awesome and i will spare you a real photo. however, if any of you need to know how to tell a boy squid from a girl squid- i'm your (wo)man!!
so hawaii has been rainy!
saturday our plans got rained out and we did very little beyond eating and napping. sunday we said, "no sir!" and went out despite the overcast-ness. i smooched toby goodbye.
and admired my fabulous new beach-going glasses.
and we headed to the beach! i brought the newest issue of time and i highly recommend reading the cover article.
i was nervous on the beach because we sat in the cool kid section (yes- there is literally a cool kid section on the beach). i instantly reverted to a high school freshman- wishing i had a shorter uniform skirt, or (better yet) wished i would even look good in one. everyone on the cool kid side has friends and coolers and really bohemian swimsuits. i had a walmart tourist towel, a soda, and a time magazine. (yikes. uncool.)

i most certainly relaxed, however, when i noticed this man in front of us (also in the cool kid section).
andrew suggested i ask him to share his pringles. i didn't.
yes it's a thong.
after a while the wind got cold and the sky got dark. we left just before it started pouring buckets. toby was glad to have us back home, but afraid of all the rain.
he chose not to leave the coffee table.
today he said, "is it still raining?" i showed him that it was.
"so no walk???" he whined.
not to worry. andrew took him on a drizzly walk anyway. he was thrilled.

so... happy monday to all my loves! i've already survived a volcano and dissected a squid- so i think this week should be no-big-deal! all my love from hilo- smooch!


  1. haha! dissected a squid... that's pretty cool although i don't think i would have the stomac for it. watching my husband eating it is enough for me. hope the sun start shinning soon... love, Jello

  2. Whoa! Volcanoes and squids! You will always be a cool kid to me Lins! The picture of scared Toby is pretty hilar btw.