welcome to maui

where did we go for spring break?
we flew ultra cheap hawaiian airlines early in the morning. i literally fly hawaiian because they give you these little juice cups instead of yuck soda out of a can.
andrew and i read the paper and laughed at how hawaiian newspapers don't really know how to write headlines. they all end up sounding like they are from the onion. squeaker?
how is my sunburn looking, you ask? like this...
and my hair is still salty (as you can see in my nappy middle part).
we landed, rented our car, and drove to the aquarium (on the way to our hotel).
i love the maui ocean center aquarium. it is amazing and beautiful. i really love the unicorn fish. they look like they have pointy noses.
look at this little tiny baby sea turtle!
and of course i love the jellies.
so they just opened their new shark exhibit! it is so cool and has this big walk through tunnel and you can watch the divers feed them their lunch! this guy was telling us about the sharks and little kids were asking adorable questions. i love inquisitive children, especially when they inquire about fish.
hammerheads, sandbar sharks, tigers, reef sharks, and more! and lots of rays and fish!
here is the lunch server.
here we are observing in the tunnel.
hi mister ray!
and so we left and headed for the hotel. maui was under a "high wind advisory" and it was mega blustery!
and then we made it to our hotel. it's the westin!
look at our view! and this was the cheap, non "ocean view" room! are you kidding me??
me on balcony.
me on beach. back in the sun!!
james on beach.
we chilled in the pool a bit.
andrew pool tackle!
hey james!
ugh! don't photo my tummy! (says i)
then i swam up stream a bit- only to learn that it is just a fancy extension of pool. no rapids involved. oh and i rescued that hat, which is now mine. (score!)
**end maui day 1**

this morning, andrew and i went for some maui tacos while james got his beauty sleep.
maui tacos is "mexican with mauitude!" it was actually better than one would expect.
and now i'm heading back to the beach. i'm sad to think of toby alone in the kennel, but we are having so much fun! (please forgive us, tobe!) wish y'all were here!

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  1. the aquarium makes me super jealous!!!! AH! i want to go!
    also i love that andrew continues to rep the 'live pink' shirt
    can you come home now?