volcano? check. earthquake? check. tsunami? check.

volcanos, tsunamis, and earthquakes! (oh my)

thursday night, my huffington post app (gotta love technology, eh?) buzzed to tell me that there was a disastrous earthquake in japan! living in the middle of the pacific ocean- we definitely knew what that could mean. i also, ironically, was tested over "waves, tides, and tsunamis" only the day before. so if you want to know all the nerd details about how this happened- i can totally fill you in! anyway, we turned the news on to find the experts at the tsunami center on oahu saying, "this is serious, people." yikes! i was nervous..

the people of japan have suffered a very serious crisis. 8.9 earthquake is one of the largest on record, and the tsunami that followed was even more destructive. we need to remember the fragility of life in the wake of this display of earth's power.
so the tsunami sirens went off all night- which unnerved toby a bit. then hawaii had an earthquake! it was only a 4.5 (way small) but it freaked me out! i have lived in texas all my life and we have storms and tornados but no earthquakes. so all of a sudden the house started shaking, toby hid under the coffee table, and i was alarmed. and that was that.

we stayed up pretty much all night- waiting for the tsunami. at about 3:00 am the waves hit. we live up high in the hills so we were safe either way. maui got hit the worst, and i think something like 10 boats sunk. however, luck kept the really gigantic waves away from us. on this picture, you can see exactly where the waves went. the dark purples and red are obviously the bigger ones.
anyway, we are all safe and sound. luck spared us from potential disaster. tsunamis are crazy because you usually have some sort of warning. in our case it was about 4 hours in advance. it was a long night, but luckily all the schools were shut down friday so i spent most of the day napping!

thanks to everyone that worried about us out here! i felt so loved!


  1. miss you and love you and glad yall are ok.

  2. Toby's blog puts a smile on my face and makes me feel you're not sooo far away! Enjoy james and tell him hi! Love all the pictures and your cute comments! love nan & stu