toby's rain run

spring break has come to an end. alas. i said goodbye to james (now in honolulu) and i went back to school. and- it still hasn't stopped raining. rainy season, i love you.
but, thanks to all the rain, toby's walks have been few and far between. we try to take him out when it's raining and he looks at you like, "uh, really?" and then goes back inside.

today there was a break in the weather! it even got sunny for a minute. naturally, we decided to walk the tobe. just as we rounded the corner of the second block away from the house, andrew said, "uh oh, looks like the rain is coming back..." then the wind got stronger and the neighbor's palm trees started going "rattle rattle rattle!!" then the rain started pouring!!

toby's walk suddenly became a run. we ran and we ran and finally made it back home.
toby says, "thanks a lot, guys!"
a wet tobe is a grumpy tobe.
and we were soaked too! my new yellow sweatshirt oozed yellow fluff all over me. but i was actually happy about that- knowing me, i would have washed it with my favorite whites or something and yellow oozed the whole load.
i was not as grumpy as tobe. i love a little jog in the rain!
then we went to the *dun dun duuuuun* new safeway!! (it's a big deal here, guys) and i hate to admit it, but andrew and i were just as excited as the hawaiians... "look, they have the curry paste we like!" says andrew. "and look, a huge selection of organic mangos!" says i.

in the end: toby is still wet but less tired, it is still raining, and i am eating an organic mango.

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