sunny weekend

this is what happens when we leave toby alone.
he obsessively licks my shoes. because he misses me.
saturday was a beautiful day!
andrew and i threw the football a bit.
then we went to the beach with our new friend, buck.
as soon as we arrived, we noticed yellow tape around part of the beach. we though, "hmm, maybe the tsunami washed some junk up on shore..." but when we got closer and saw what it really was:
a monk seal!
he wanted to enjoy a sunny beach day with the rest of us, but monk seals are critically endangered and hawaii protects them very carefully. so he got a private beach zone all to himself. he seemed thrilled about it.
we snorkeled and soaked up some sun.
i wanted to buy a small cooler earlier from the gas station. most of them were like 15 dollars. the one with goofy looking turtles on it, however, was only 4! but now i think i actually prefer the silly little turtles.
it was way sunny, and i ended up taking a bit of a nap after our snorkel.
sun shades.
then we headed home.
bye mr. monk!
on the way home we stopped off at the grocery store. it was an excellent night for grilling- and so we did! chickens, steaks, veg- it was great!
toby may have gotten some bites.

sunday was hot.
i took advantage of the heat by finally hanging my clothes line! and finally getting to all the towel laundry.
toby refused to help...
the garden is doing great.
how 'bout we check on the baby oranges!
looking good!
ps- i forgot to mention earlier! my amazing dad that is always thoughtful sent andrew and i a grill that you put on the stove!! it is made by greenpan and is not only eco-friendly and made of recycled cast iron, but it's also much safer for us! we used it the other night and it made the most delicious dinner- unfortunately i forgot to take pictures... but everyone needs to check out greenpan and this really fantastic product. thanks for thinking of us dad! we love you!
so that was our weekend!! only a couple days left till my dear friend james comes to visit for spring break! there is much fun to be had... can't wait!

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  1. those oranges look AMAZING!! oh my gosh. love it. and you also, my love, look amazing. as does the tobe and andrew. miss yall. and hawaii 2012 or BUST!