sun burns and big waves

last night we went to dinner at a thai place that andrew and i love. here andrew is pointing out his picture menu favorites.
byob of course.
note the jump in hotness. hot has two chili peppers, but thai hot has 5? andrew loves it.
anyway, the dinner was really nice and super delicious.
ps- we decided to leave town for spring break. and therefore, toby has to stay at puppy hotel (ie- the vet). andrew and i dropped him off this morning and he was so so so sad. it broke my heart completely. hotels discriminate against dogs.
and since it was still hazy and rainy in hilo (ugh) we drove back to the sunny side...
and this time we brought a boogie board!!!
i struggled at first.
then i caught one! woooooooosh!
overall, it was a long long day in the sun. much flesh was burned...
we ended it at a restaurant in kona that is famous for their mai tai. thus we sampled!
and we sat at a table right off the water. so pretty!
this is james when the burn is only beginning to set in.
we are both looking a little burned actually...
my mai tai flower went in my hair.
in this fab self taken photo, you can really see the redness of my face.
then we headed home- just in time for the sunset. once we got a littler higher up the hills, we stopped to admire it. the clouds were stunning.
every color you can think of!
little blue and the sunset.
it was also really really cold up there- of course the sunburn made it double cold.
andrew took advantage of the stop and had a little sunset beer. and then apparently told an animated story.
ah! i just love a good sunset. it was the perfect end to our hot/exhausting day.
the end.
to see where we will be spending the rest of the break- check back tomorrow!


  1. I want to visit, too! gah, living in paradise must be nice!!

    I love you to the moon & back. xoxo

  2. damn you for being so tan....

  3. I miss you guys so much! Hope you are having a fab sb. Wish you could have been here for sxsw. It was pretty epic. Now just counting down the days till our visit!