day two in maui did not involve many photos. stories? perhaps. but who actually reads blogs, anyway? a story without pictures is just words.

so for today i will just show you some rainbows. hawaii has fantastic rainbows (duh) and i have seen some amazing ones in the short time i have lived here. on our way out the door wednesday morning, we noticed this one!
it wouldn't even fit in one picture!
then today we saw this one. it is kind of hard to see in the picture though. its like a where's waldo rainbow.
all these rainbows remind me of my darling cousin, kristen. she loves rainbows almost as much as the double rainbow guy. and i love her! so hurray for rainbows and hurray for more pictures tomorrow. lots of love!


  1. Hey! I actually love READING your blogs. The pictures are great too, but I love the stories :) just sayin....

  2. whatever haley can't read ya'll

  3. me TOO! i love your words-they are hilarious! and i do love rainbows! and i am getting one that you drew on my arm as soon as i possibly can! i loveyou and i love these stories.