new swimsuit, new friends, and new adventures

day three arrived and it was sunny as usual!
we hopped out to the beach and i rocked my new swim suit. i found it in a store the day before and was really excited about it's cuteness- unfortunately, the only pieces they had left were a size d in the top and an xs in the bottom. i explained to the girl in the shop that only very special people could fit both of these on their one body (cough cough- you know who you are!). she laughed, agreed, and then helped me find a suitable solid bottom piece in my size.
the point = i love it!
we got a little tan-er (if such was possible).
and played in the waves.
then later, james and i went to a luau!
which involved all you can drink mai tais and blue things and pina coladas. unfortunately if you drink many of those, your body dies from sugar overdose/a bad headache so we refrained from actually having "all [we] can drink."
this man sitting across from us was nice and offered to take our photo. however, this is all he came up with. a very poor photo, if you ask me. the funniest part is that he had the most gigantic camera and hugest lens ever!
the moral = just because you have a fancy camera, doesn't mean you can take a good picture.
important side note: on maui day 2, we were sitting in the hot tub around 4 pm. suddenly a cool looking guy hopped in with us. i thought to myself, "he looks like someone i would see in austin." and then my heart smiled as i thought of austin. we said hello to him and then asked where he was from. he says, "oh i just moved here, actually. i work just up the road at another hotel and i felt like hot tubbing. so here i am" we say, "no way, we just moved to the big island!" "where from?" he asks. "austin texas" we say. "no way! i moved here from austin too! when did y'all get here??" turns out we flew to hawaii on the exact same day. he is from texas (been living in austin) and just moved to maui. we instantly became friends and were overjoyed to see proof that texan hospitality is truly second to none (as the non texans reading this gag)... so we hung out- he took andrew surfing- and he hooked up me and james with a discount on our luau! he also got us vip!
so- at the luau, we were seated under his name:
speed. josh speed. (amazing right?)
anyway, enough of that. we had a mega huge buffet and james and i ate all kind of hawaiian foods. the pork, the poi, the mac salad- it was all good!
and there i am with my dinner.
this guy was all about the luau and the picture taking.
we had a great sunset.
and then the dancing- which is always fun. the ladies were sooo lovely. and, to be honest, the boy dancers were super fine. no complaints here!
then the fire show woke all the little jet lagged child tourists up. but really, who doesn't love fire. especially when its so dark and the stars are so pretty!
fire man and his fire assistant.
then the ladies re-appeared and tossed some flaming ropes around in the air. it was exciting!
quite a good luau, i'd say. the best part was being totally hooked up by our new friend josh-the-texan! thanks josh! i hope you continue to spread your southern love throughout the pacific. and now we are back home. our flight involved a very early wake up and since it is still raining in hilo, i plan to nap. have a lovely weekend everyone!

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  1. Can we please trade lives for a day?! How fun are you guys! I love the swimsuit too:)