luck of the tobe-rish

happy st. patrick's day to ya!!
(read in stereotypical irish accent)
and look who is here!!!
mr. tardy pants got here late because of some flight complications- but he made it none the less! and we are going to celebrate st. patty's together! toby was thrilled to have someone come to visit him.
and he was far less thrilled to be wearing a green button down/sweater vest.
this morning i realized i own zero green clothes. so i stole andrew's shirt.
it didn't last long, though. it was uncomfortable.
i had oceanography lab this afternoon too. it was the worst lab i have ever had! i had to count hundreds of plankton (don't even ask) and then do ridiculous calculations! ick. but it made my gluten free beer all the better!
so happy st. patty's to everyone! hope your's is full of green beer and irish food!
and i hope your wardrobe is much greener than mine.


  1. oh my gosh! toby looks completely adorable in his lil' green shirt! ( i had to mention him on my post...) St'Patty's so big here... the line ups just to get in bars were about 1hr long... hope you had a great time ; )

  2. youre so beautiful. love you.