it all makes sense now!

last week i took netflix back. i broke up with them when we moved to hawaii, and they have been trying to get me back ever since. but when jon came to visit last week, he came bearing an apple tv! this makes the use of netflix mo betta.

(side note:)

mo better
(mo’ beh tah)

Definition: more better; even better; no comparison
Used In A Sentence: Use da addah one. Mo’ better das why.
In English?: Why not

consider using the other one? It’s a lot better for this particular



t is pidgin- spoken here in hawaii. i don't get it either.

so welcome back netflix. it wasn't you. it was me. i'm really glad to have you back in my life. reader: wondering why you care?? i'll tell you!

netflix = unlimited access to nova

i have always been a firm believer that dogs are truly man's best friend (that and they are way better than cats). i also have shed my fair share of tears in life and toby always knows when i am sad and he always tries to cheer me up. i am clearly not the only dog owner that attests to this bond with their dog. nova did a special called, dogs decoded and it explains why dogs have such an emotional bond with their person. you can watch it online here for free, or (obviously) if you have netflix.

no, netflix isn't paying me for this post.

the show explains that when humans look at each other we have a tendency to look at the left side of the face (their right, your left). our eyeballs obviously can't look at the whole faec at once, so we (for some reason) choose left. dogs do the same thing when they look at other dogs. but when they look at us (humans) they look much more carefully- their eyes move back and forth across your face. they literally read your facial expressions and thus your emotions. they talk about lots of other dog things like barks and evolution of canines. i am a nerd and i love science and i love documentaries. i also love toby. so this was great! and now i know for sure that toby understands me and that i probably understand him back.

i will give you a real post tomorrow with pictures from my dad's visit to hilo last week! much love to all.


  1. Lol you crack me up!! Love this, and I'm enjoying reading your blog! Keep it up! :)

  2. i love it! and i think toby needs this http://www.designspongeonline.com/2011/03/puptent.html