hapuna beach and an underwater camera

hapuna beach!
it has been rain city in hilo!! so when we woke up to rain this morning we said, "we shall drive to the sun!" and so we packed a cooler with drink and lunch, loaded up our snorkels and towels and drove north west - just past waimea (north of kona).
and the waves were huge!
and we had james' waterproof camera...
underwater style!!
look at that hair!
we played the "throw lindsey up in the air" game. the waves got in the way a bit, but it was successful overall.
gigantazoid wave just before it crashes on me!!!
my handsome fellow:
after like 50 attempts at an underwater photo of myself, i went with the least flattering one. check out that booger-esque bubble in my nose. sweet.
then we chilled on the beach till it was lunch time.
good thing we planned ahead! salsa, chicken salad, hummus, fruit, banana chips- we had it all! it was delish.
and there were beverages too.
my beverage.
look at this beautiful sunny day!
hang loose brahdah.
oh and the wind was insanity! wind wind wind!!! wish wish wooosh!!
salsa for andrew, of course.
and so the sun set on our lovely beach day. it was magical.
side note to my loves back in austin: we have been talking all week about how sad we were for missing sxsw with you guys!! i heard this year was crazy crazy- and i hope you had loooots of fun! miss you every single day. xoxo


  1. that's so awesome... dammit, i really wasn't born in the right corner of the world! your pics brings us a lil' of the sun we don't have. thanks for that!

  2. didn't the salt water hurt your eyes when you opened them? i'm fascinated...