first day on the beach

today toby went to the beach.
dogs aren't allowed on the beach here, but toby is so small- we decided it would be ok.
black sand, black fur... toby was hot. his tongue grows to amazing lengths when he is hot.
so andrew dunked him in the pond. it helped.
they are best friends.
then he took a little stroll.
got some sun on his towel.
and watched the waves crash.
he wished he could snorkel...
"enough pictures!"
i was there.
dog + budweiser
andrew and buck returned from a small climb up the rocks.
finally the sun got low enough that toby cooled off.
and the warm sand was good.
"what's this sniff???" he thought.
"come here, you!" he growled.
"i'm not afraid of you..." he said- trying to intimidate the coconut husk.
then he went on a little beach jog with andrew.
and got a lift back to the towel.
and so we said good evening and headed home.
toby was a tired pup but a very very happy one.
now only 24 hours till my bff arrives!!


  1. Heather your sister- duh.March 15, 2011 at 10:24 PM

    oh my goshhhhhhhhhh oh my gosh oh my gosh.....LINDSEY! toby is SO CUTE!!!! like i almost cant even handle it....like its too much.....AHHH! the picture of andrew + budweiser + toby...PRIME! love it. loved them ALL! i wish i did fun things and took fun pictures....all i do it dumb portraits....
    this looked like the BEST day ever!!! i seriously WISH i could have been there!!!! :( cant wait to see you in JUUUULLLLLYYY! hehehhe

  2. Glad Toby got to crash the beach!! He's so cute! It's so pretty! Thanks for all the great pics! loveXOXOX