chop chop chop.... munch munch munch

last week i fixed a really fantastic meal that i fully intended to blog, but then had a really stupidly difficult test and a small tsunami to deal with.

so! i began with shallots... my favorite thing on this earth!
i listened to my favorite joanna newsom song in light of the marine biology lab that day. we collected invertebrates and i made sure to find a clam, a crab, a cockle, and a cowrie.
then i chopped up asparagus and sun dried tomatoes. i soaked the tomatoes in water to make them perfect...
one of toby's favorite thing to eat off the floor is uncooked noodles.
but the gluten free ones are hard and frustrate him.
my adorable and ancient stove!
the asparagus and sun dried tomato was for the pasta- i also used white wine and the shallots- it was so good!
ps- heather pointed out that my hair looked "gross"- for the record, it isn't dirty. i had just showered. thanks heath...
collard greens.
lemon-herb salmon! its so nice to live on an island where you can get fresh fish!
however, this salmon came from a farm in canada... but if you want ahi or ono- we have boatloads of it!
the finished product! it was so good. andrew and i agreed it was restaurant quality!!
toby loves cooking nights- he hovers below your cutting board and snatches up everything that falls his way. i'll have a weekend post coming soon! xo!


  1. We had salmon that same night, but it didn't look as tasty as this does!!!! Yummmers