akaka falls

yesterday was my last day of school before spring break! so i was in class until 3. we decided to go show james akaka falls, since it doesn't take that long to get there and it was a nice cool day. the drive there is beautiful.
here we are!
its a short little nature walk to the falls but it's all paved so it isn't hard.
i love these gigantic trees. they just grow and grow and grow!
our trio:
pretty stump.
and full of mushrooms!
the falls!
the sun was going down.
my favorite.
andrew took our picture.
more flowers!
andrew was showing off his jumping skills.
back to mr. blue!
the temperature was amazing so i stuck my toes out the window.
love you, andrew!
then we went to get some margaritas! yum!
and now spring break has officially begun!

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