watching kohola from the makani aha

for my marine science lab today, we got to go out on the boat to see whales!! it was a very rainy morning, but that made the clouds/colors all the prettier.
the boat is called the makani aha (four winds).
we came around the breakwater and the swells got big.
look at that pretty rain!
then we spotted our first whale out in the rain.
we went closer and got a better shot of his tail.
there were boy whales and girl whales and even some baby whales.
they are humpback whales. they come to our warm waters every spring to have their babies. the warm water gives the little whales a stronger start to their lives, so they come back here every spring.
the rain eventually let up.
this was my favorite one.
the swells got pretty big here and there. a few people got sick. one girl got reaaaaally sick...
ahh beautiful clouds.
then one breached really close to our boat.
more breaching.
here is some of my class. you can see the really sick one on the right, below the two blue coats.
i chilled up top with captain.
and as we came back into the bay, we passed a little boat named the wiki wiki! just like papa jon's!
so it was a beautiful day on the makani aha and i got to witness some of the earth's most amazing creatures! thanks for reading!