toby gets a stylish trim

i have my first marine biology test in about an hour and i have been flash carding for days! now that i have memorized all kinds of weird sciency words for marine organisms, i will catch you up on some toby news!

we have been so happy to have little tobe back in the house! he is still adjusting, but i think he is starting to enjoy himself. he is definitely wondering where all his dog friends went...
shortly after his arrival, we took him for a walk around the botanical gardens. there are ponds and bridges and lots of grass and toby seemed to really enjoy himself.
however, he got pretty hot... we found some shade and cooled off, and i promised him a haircut as soon as possible.
haircut day arrived! this is toby pre-cut.
he sat very still and behaved while i trimmed him.
he had gotten so shaggy back in texas, (where winter is a lot colder) it took forever!
shrinking toby.
shrunk! he is hiding from the camera.
then andrew and i made enchiladas for dinner. yum.
we are missing mexican food already!
we even made margaritas!
thanks to patrick and shannon's gift of this fantastic mix!
ta da!
they were delish.

ps- superbowl is coming (yes!) and i will, of course, wow you with something highly adorable and exploitive to toby in celebration.

i hope all my dallas loves are enjoying the fun! snow and superbowl all in one week!? we keep seeing dallas on tv and it is making us miss texas oh so much more! anyway... see you at halftime.

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  1. lindsey thanks keep them coming you make our day feels like we are sharing your life which we love. love you nanny