toby climbs a mountain (sort of)

this weekend we made plans to go hiking. we woke up to clouds and me feeling yucky. so we had to audible. instead we decided to drive up to mauna kea (the volcano) and bring the tobe along so he wasn't locked in the house all day.
on a side note- look at andrew's newest obsession. chili peppers, pineapple, and ginger. i can think of literally nothing more disgusting than this. he loves it.
me and my little buddy.
the road was twisty and the clouds got darker and colder every minute.
look at those pink flowers along the sides!
then we started seeing hills in the distance.
then we hit a sunny patch. they keep cows up here.
check out those colors.
sunny but really cold. it sort of felt like winter!
see? cows.
poor little bleutiful car could barely make it up the steep windy hills!
the trees totally changed!
so we finally made it to the visitor center, but the only way you can go past that point is on foot or in a much more capable cars than little blue. we shall return another day with our hiking boots.
widows down- cooooold air
toby absolutely loved it. oh and check out his doggy seatbelt. safety first!
once home, we fixed a hearty dinner. andrew's was much more elaborate than my own. steak, peas, egg, and lots of peppers.
toby might have gotten some little bites of steak and maybe a few peas too...
wish me luck on my crazy upcoming week... i will be busy busy busy- so don't feel neglected! love to all!!

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