super bowl XLV and toby x-tra cute

during the pre-game, catherine zeta-jones was asked how she chose which team to cheer for, since she is from wales. she explains, "the first time i saw a packers fan, i said, 'what's that on his head?' they told me it was cheese- and i said, 'thats my team!"
toby is similar to miss zeta-jones in stomach driven loyalty.

we began the day by taking him out for some pre-game sprints.
even a little throwing of the football.
then i made toby his cheese hat.
then andrew did his best football pose.
and then toby's paws went up... and they stayed there.
then he took a little rest on the chair.
possibly irritated with all the attention.
he kept trying to find higher ground to escape all the photos.
but i lured him back with a chip or two...
mmmm ruffles have ridges...
sneak in, snatch bite, retreat, repeat.
safe distance under the coffee table.
then he posed for some more pictures with his mommy.
then it was gametime! we all toasted the 2011 super bowl kickoff with a drink. stella for toby.
and a super bowl sunday bone!
bbq hickory flavor... yum
what a day!
what a wonderful day...
but then he saw the cheese hat again...
and not even the super bowl bone could lure him back.
so i snatched him.
here we go, packers!!
here we go, cheese!!
hope everyone enjoys the halftime show and the rest of their super bowl sunday!
and to all my family at the game- i wish i was with y'all!
love you + football times a million!


  1. just though i would say hi. Hi! you guys are adorable... Toby looks like a cute lil' bunch that can be squeezed and hugged all day... i love reading your blog and knowing there's some other places on this earth that is not currently buried in 40inch of snow like us in Canada... i want your surf board!!!! enjoy your day!