procrastination station

like i said, busy week. big test today. so last night, i stayed up late studying. i really hate doing school work in the evening. there are so many things i would rather be doing... such as: watching tv. to force myself to focus, i must consume caffeine. lots...
here are my notes, textbook, and note cards.
then i got distracted with photo booth...
i have officially been wearing these boxers too much. i found myself buying groceries in them the other day- they are white, so i was undoubtedly revealing my blue and pink striped underoos beneath. (sigh)
check my note cards...
these photo booth effects make me laugh harder than anything, ever.
that might not have been funny to you.

don't worry, i still studied. test went great. tomorrow i'll tell you about our first sampling of legit hawaiian food! get ready...

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  1. ha-ha, you're funny (and apparently we have the same addiction! ) have a fun day