happy birthday to my mom

my mom and i have always been best friends.
even if we don't totally agree- she understands.
and she is forever the best at knowing how to celebrate an occasion.
she loves imagination,
and is so proud of our achievements.
she is always on our team.
if she can't be there to hold your hand, she will hold you that much tighter in her heart.
she takes extra special care of her grandog;
and even when the gift is a little weird, she loves it because it came from you.
she has never missed a holiday,
and will undoubtedly come to your rescue in a time of need.
everyone knows she is the best listener,
and she will tell you, "the journey is the reward."
she has taken us far and wide,
to make sure we knew the beauty of our world.
but of all the things she's shown me- near and far-
nothing compares to the beauty that is my mother.
happy birthday mom!
you are my happy thought.


  1. that was beautiful!! LOVE you aunt linda!

  2. aw, that made me get a little misty-eyed. moms are great. oh, and I LOVE the first picture.

  3. agree with haley. your mom looked SO much like heather.