haole buys a board

i got so excited and distracted with toby coming, i forgot to tell you about andrew's new surfboard!! he came home the other day, salty and soaked. wouldn't you know, he surfed in his jeans because he was too impatient to go home and get swim shorts.
towel home = porch railing
he got a strap to tie the board to the top of the car. blue board, blue car- so cute!
it is like 8 ft. long. beginners are supposed to use longer boards and they can be like 11 feet long! this one is just right for andrew.
he got it from a nice guy on craigslist and took it out only a few minutes later.
see? 8 ft. tall.
i think he looks great with it! he is getting better and better at it and is (in like a week) already a million times more competent than i.
good job andrew!

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  1. yay! I'm definitely surfing when we come visit!