first sampling of hawaiian cuisine

last night, our dear hilo friend, allan, invited andrew and i to a high school fundraiser/recognition dinner. we had a table with all their friends and it was so nice to sit and chat with people over some amazing food.
here is andrew and allan at our table.
and here is my food! from top left clockwise:
pulled pork and white rice,
some sort of long rice chicken thing (basically noodles),
something with salmon and other stuff chopped up,
green mush that actually tastes amazing- has calamari in it and i think maybe seaweed?
a cube of coconut stuff- sweet and delish,
and that cup on the left is poi.
and any hawaiians that just read my description of this food are now laughing ("green mush?").
but the good news is- i have officially eaten hawaiian food! and it was oh so good.
this is allan's granddaughter mika. his company, big island candies, makes the most delicious sweets you have ever tasted. the amazing "mika mints" are named after this little cutie below. and introducing... new mika passion chocolates! i'm quite sure they are also amazing.
see? big island candies table- with my name misspelled at the bottom! woot!
here is our table with lovely centerpiece.
here are our boxes of sweets. yum!
and allan got us an alumni cook book! of course, he has a recipe inside.
and here it is! note his suggestion at the end: if it doesn't turn out, order pizza!
love it. loved the evening. loved the food. thank you so much for including us!

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