a fancy valentines dinner- complete with red toby polo

a few days before valentines day, my always festive mother, mailed us a box full of love.
we each got a little basket full of chocolates and goodies and a sweet letter. one for me...
and one for andrew.
and even a little something for toby!
he loved it! thanks grandma!
she also included everything to fix up a fancy table for our valentines dinner!
every year i have been alive, my mom has fixed a valentines meal (sometimes breakfast, sometimes dinner) complete with heart shaped foods. my lunch box always had a heart shaped sandwich. and when i moved away, i could always count on some heart shaped things arriving in the mail. i love my mom's love for a theme- especially one full of love.
february 14!
yes, i put together a valentines day outfit for toby.
x's and o's on his little tie.
doesn't he look like he loves these photoshoots?
he was rewarded with an edible valentine.
one of the things in my box was some of those heart shaped antacids. they are only good for decoration- never good for eating. unless you are in that 3% of humans that somehow think they taste yummy... weirdos! i used them for table garnish- around my favorite picture of me and andrew!
and here is the pretty table- all set up!
just as i finished there was a knock at the door...
and look what it was!!!
another valentines tradition running about 24 years now- my dad always gives/sends me roses. he never forgets. ever. no matter if i'm in a dorm, back at home, or on a volcano- he remembers. i love you too, dad.
here are the flowers from my two favorite boys!
and then, later that evening, i got home from school to find a whole new bouquet of flowers! andrew couldn't resist buying these. they came from a guy that lives outside of hilo- off the grid with no electricity or anything. he collects rain water and grows his food. he also grows these flowers and then ties them up pretty with ribbon and sells them around holidays.
hurray! fancy dinner!
a candlelit fancy dinner!
this was my card to andrew. i literally could never imagine a more perfect card for him (in light of his all out obsession with spice).
he cooked all day making mexican food.
chips, queso, and salsa,
green chile chicken,
and stuffed bell peppers (mine with shrimp and his with ground beef).
toby joined us at the table.
he really liked the chips.
everything andrew cooked was to die for.
and to top it all off- i made heart shaped brownies for dessert.
i hope you felt as loved as i did on monday.
andrew, you are the greatest valentine ever!


  1. wow! so much love... ;) sounds like an absolute loving and fun valentine's day! very cute