drive to kona by way of 8 climate zones

saturday we decided to drive across the island to kailua-kona (the popular/touristy side) which is full of fancy hotels, more people, and some beautiful beaches! we began our drive early enough- i was the captain- red bull in hand.
and andrew was the driving photographer. this is him trying to show what a slow driver i am (people passing me on the one lane highway).
remember last week when i told you about our drive up the volcano with toby? the first bit of our drive was the same stretch of road. but this time it was much more sunny.
sheep crossing.
the hills are rolling and covered with every color you could imagine!
i would not have guessed that this is hawaii!
some clouds came in here and there- but it made the green grass even prettier.
the scenery kept changing- eventually all the trees looked like this.
even needle trees!
and horses!
a little over two hours later, we were almost there.
just a few last twisty- twirly turns...
and after a very crazy drive over a lava field (obviously not still hot) we made it to the water!
ahhhhh what a great sight!
it amazes me how different all the rocks are here. you can see all the colors in the sand.
we strolled a bit.
and watch the crystal water bounce light off the wet sand.
and then we made a short trek over to the best swimming spot.
andrew stopped to throw a coconut.
and then we were there!
of course we brought the football.
look at the colors in those waves! especially right where it is breaking on the left- so beautiful.
there were a few other families here, but the difficult drive in makes this beach much less crowded.
we posted up by a tree. (yes that is my navy/green bag on the top branch- and yes it was my diaper bag as an infant)
these kiddos were having so much fun.
and then came a honu (sea turtle)!
he found a warm spot right by our feet and we actually had to get out of his way. hawaiian sea turtles are very protected and it is illegal to get very close to them. this one totally kicked us out of our spot by the tree!
after a lot of swimming and a bit of sun tanning, we made our way back to the car. see?? i told you the path was treacherous for little blue!
god speed little blue.
we made it out of there will all four tires in tact- but our tummies were grumbling. we are not familiar with kona in the least and really just wanted to sit by the water and eat a bite. like any tourist town, all the best spot are monopolized by stupid restaurants with outrageous prices and chilis-esque food.
but we went anyway. a cold beverage and some wings hit the spot after the long day of driving, salt, and sun.
and so we began our journey home. just as we made it back up into the hills, a thick fog landed on us. i even stopped for a photo of this tree.
yikes! we could barely see!
that sign out there is a picture of smokey the bear asking you to prevent forrest fires.
the fog finally went away and soon we were home.
and toby was so excited to see us!! (this is the classic "toby's excited circle spin")
he was moving too fast to get a non blurry picture!
we thanked him for being so patient by giving him a puppy snack.
munch munch.. i forgive you.. munch munch crunch...
better get all the crumbs!
then we went for a long nighttime walk. i tried to take a photo of andrew and toby but one of them was moving their head in every shot. andrew moving here.
and toby moving here.
that'll do tobe.
(read as the farmer in babe would say, "that'll do pig").
the good thing about toby is how quickly he forgives a wrong when bribed with snacks... and we promised to take him to kona someday.

hope you are having a beautiful weekend!


  1. OMG i'm so jealous! (you can tell, i'm using capitals) it is so beautiful where you guys are. i love your posts (which is why i often comment on them. hahaha); it warms me up a bit. thanks for sharing ; ) love, Jello

  2. that is so amazing! ben would have had a heart attack!! i love it! when are we coming to visit?! and tobes. he is so cute. he kills me.

  3. kona looks beautiful. can't wait until our visit! it'll be may before we know it.