dad comes to visit

so last week, my dad came in town for a golf tournament and to see me! the moment he walked in the door, toby got more excited than i have ever seen. he sprinted circles around the room and started going from room to room- looking for bailey. sadly, bailey was not in either suitcase, but he was still really happy to see papa jon.

on thursday night, i hosted a giant fajita dinner for our hawaiian friends. i told them i would whip up some authentic tex mex- much better than "reubens" (the local "mexican" restaurant in hilo). there were nearly 20 people and i fixed cerveza beef fajitas, chicken quesadillas, salsa, guacamole, queso, and all the extras. it was a feast! i was so busy cooking and cooking that i took zero photos. all i can offer you is this phone picture of my adorable new dishes that i got like a million percent off at macys president's day sale!! woot!
dad golfed, i schooled, we ate dinners and saw friends. then sunday morning we woke up and had to say goodbye. it was a quick trip. andrew loaded up bags into the car and toby started to panic a little.
he leaped into the car- fearing he would be left behind.
he said, "don't come back without bailey!"
then we went and got a farewell breakfast at ken's pancake house. this is a hawaiian version of ihop. cheap giant portions of breakfast food. its open 24 hours- making it the only restaurant in hilo open past 9:00.
me and dad.
andrew. he got a mahi loco.
then we still had a little time to kill, so we went to coconut island for a morning stroll.
it was a lovely morning.
even though it was short, it was so fun having my dad here.
hey andrew.
then we came home after dropping off dad at the airport and toby was oh so sad.
miss you already papa jon!
love you!!

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