welcome home

so we quickly realized that our entire house was lit with fluorescent overhead lights. i have an intense hatred of fluorescent lighting (i outlawed the use of the one in my kitchen in austin). so while at home depot, we found all kinds of alternative lighting. now the flowers look so much prettier!
oh the boxes... oh the bags...
some unexpected things turned up.
(these are disposable swim trunks that alex and andrew were given at our hotel in chicago)
and there were some very important things.
new recycle bin!
and look at my adorable new kitchen!
complete with tea kettle and juicer!
and my pretty little apron.
andrew got his guitar stuff all set up.
one of the new lamps! i know, its kind of an awkward spot...
hey silverware! i missed you guys!
we went to the farmers market and bought some fruits and veggies.
and look! the fridge magnets made it to hawaii!
even the little artist finger puppets! ironically, only monet got left behind.
and jon still eats poop.
then andrew set about making a spaghetti feast.
he chopped and diced and spiced and stewed.
while i hung up some paintings and such. alex gave me this for christmas. the story goes: sailors hung these from the lines on their ships. the beauty of the glass lured in evil spirits, but once inside they were too overwhelmed by color to escape. i put it by the front door.
then we sat down for our spaghetti dinner.
and it was amazing!! andrew is a master spaghetti chef- and this may have been his best ever.
and look mom, i put my soda on the couch arm. ha!
(my mother dislikes this habit of mine- due to it's precarious spot)
dinner was excellent and we were able to sleep better, just knowing our house was looking homier. i have more to tell, so keep checking in. we are really really missing you guys back home! xoxo

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