welcome home toby!

guess who the live animal is...
today was toby's homecoming day!!
yes, i made him a banner...
and here he is!
my mother (bless her) took toby to the airport at 4:00 am. apparently it was an insanely confusing process and after going into like 5 wrong buildings and a lot of paperwork, she got him on the plane. he flew from dfw to lax and then on to honolulu!
so i flew to honolulu and went to the animal quarantine center at the airport.
the people there were really nice and helped me move toby from the big hard crate the small soft crate. i checked the hard crate and was able to carry on the little toby bag.
he was so sweet and well behaved and never barked once! but he did cry a little.

i was dying of thirst and need for caffeine and i knew toby was in need of some edible love. i went to burger king and got a dr. pepper and fries for the tobe. i snuck him little bits and he was appreciative!
the toby ticket!
andrew picked us up at the airport and toby was finally free of the bag!
he had a lot of new smells to smell...
andrew even brought one of those signs that the drivers hold up at the airport. I especially like the designs.
and my mom got him this awesome surfing shirt at build-a-bear! how amazing. i open the crate and out comes a clothed tobe. ready for the beach.
still smelling smells...
we got home and showed him his new "yard." he looked at us like, "uh.. where is the grass?"
andrew was so happy to have the little man back!
i was so happy to have him back at my feet!
and here is the evil crate. i brought it in from the car and toby sniffed it a bit and ran away.
yesterday, i went and got him some new bowls.
and new dry food, a container, treats, and a can of food for extra deliciousness.
i fed him dinner (first meal in like 20 hours) when we got home, but still referred to it as "breakfast." he was thrilled.
and i got him a toy rooster to snuggle with. they are fast friends.
he has been snuggling us all evening.
and then found a good spot on the couch.
our home is complete!
oh, and check out this new collar/tag i got him! peace sign?? with the new address on the back! love it.
toby, you have no idea how glad we are to have you back in our lives and back on the blog!!


  1. I teared up reading this post. I don't trust people who don't need puppies in their lives. Also, how cute is Linda for dressing Toby up for his permanent Spring Break?! What a perfect surf/beach shirt for the Tobe!

    Miss y'all, but I'm glad that Toby is home now!! xx

  2. Tobe is living proof that home is where your mom is. (thank you for my little tile that says that. I look at it every day.) We will miss him terribly and sending him off made me feel like I said good bye to the last bit of you. But now that he is with you guys it seems like all is as it should be in the world! I love all 3 of you very much.

  3. yay Tobes is home! I was reading this with the dorkiest smile on my face, he really looks so happy in the car window pic. All is right with the world again. :)

  4. Soo glad Toby is back with his momma! And that shirt was too cute!

  5. sooooooo glad toby is baaaaacccckkk!!! yeaa!!!! yall are such a cute fam.