sunny saturday

on saturday, we decided to go a little south down the coast to see some beautiful waves and swim in the tide pools. there was a storm just over hilo bay, but we were still in the clear. it made for a beautiful day.
we watched the water crash on the rocks.
and we watched the clouds build and darken in the distance.
it is so fun to study oceanography and then to come see this on the weekends.
this is the exact moment that andrew realized his bag perfectly matched his attire.
look at that wave!
hello there!
big trees
back on the sand.
take a little swim.
get a little sun.
it was a beautiful.

still no toby. i have to wait for his paperwork to be processed and then have to wait 10 days. i'm really anxious to get my little man here. life is weird without him, and i'm sure the blog is boring without him. anyway, he should be here in a couple weeks...

happy playoffs! good luck jets!!

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