skiing in a blizzard

our second day on the slopes was a blizzard!!!
many would not stand up against such weather- but we didn't let it slow us down.
the snow poured and poured and poured all day.
and we skied on into the storm.
only our noses stuck out.
noses and some chilly mustaches.
but we were optimistic!!
even jon showed up for the blizzard 2010. look at our hats and scarves- crusted with ice!
then the kiddos wanted to test out the snow storm. avery hid in michael's hat.
and the snow kept falling.
ben was cold.
and his fingers froze!
sassy got snow in the jacket and it didn't go well.
after a quick retreat back indoors, shannon and i fixed dinner for all.
and patrick built a spectacular fire. cozy...
and that is how we survived blizzard 2010.

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