school, andrew, and the mailman bring joy

how about an update??

true story: i was in marine biology today and my (adorable) teacher was speaking about the difference between fish that create metabolic heat and those that do not. i was taking notes diligently and paying close attention. then suddenly (like the channel changed) my brain jumped to a new thought. i started thinking about myself sitting in this class and thinking about how much i despised every minute of "elementary education" at ut. i got so happy just thinking about the fact that i was in this class- i lost track of what we were talking about and had to ask the teacher to re-explain the previous powerpoint slide. basically, school has brought me joy.
after class i headed home, and decided to bike the whole way home (without stopping to walk up the insane hill at the top of mohouli). i almost died doing this, but i made it all the way home! oh to be a passing driver- to see my fire engine colored face and the look of desperation in my eyes. but the point is- i did it! (no photo associate with this, for obvious reason).

then i got home and found that andrew had done something really great! he went to the grocery store and got all kinds of fun food and beverage for the weekend and decided to surprise me with a food scavenger hunt! one of the clues was this:
i was confused by the "our." i went to my closet and then i went to andrew's closet. he yelled from the kitchen, "your cold!" then i remembered that we were amidst a load of laundry!
and the scavenger hunt continued with all kinds of delicious things- the best of which was fresh baked gluten free bread that he found. oh em gee- it's good. thank you for the scavenger hunt joy, andrew!

then i got a package in the mail! heather and my mom put a little box together full of little things i had forgotten. one of them was my replacement christmas present from heather (that had to be swapped). i am so in love with it! two little bird friends (just like two little sister friends) hanging out on my finger- perfect to remind me of my sister every single day.
and speaking of packages- i got my urban outfitters box a few days ago! they were doing a free shipping promo thing (which is very advantageous for a hawaiian), so i ordered some bedding and pillows and house stuff. joy from a brown box!

this is our new wall tapestry! earth! but antarctica got chopped off by the couch. sorry antarctica! we still like you! and the creases should be gone in no time- all the windows are permanently open in my house and it is (how you say?) humid!
then i got this pretty green rug for the entry.
oh and look at all my new pictures! there are tons around the house too, so if you can't see yourself- please don't think you were left out.
per hawaiian tradition, we remove our shoes before entry. if you are ever in hawaii- please remember to do this. if you don't, they look at you like you grew a second head.
and here is a better view of my entry rug that i am loving. and dad, i know you are looking at those wires sticking out of the wall and wondering why they aren't hidden behind something. they are exposed because i am only half as obsessive compulsive as you are and wires aren't one of the things that bother me. so tough luck- i aint movin em.
hey there living room with an andrew in it!
don't you like these pillows? they are urban outfitters cheap so i don't have to constantly worry about a bowl of spaghetti being dropped on them, but they are still cute!
aren't these coasters fun?
some more pictures on the lamp table by the couches. there is green belt craig on the left and sarah over on the right in her old kitchen- i love those pictures because they remind me of austin.
while we are on the subject of new developments!
andrew got earrings!
they are coconut wood and very hawaii chic. he just casually decided to move back into earring wearing and didn't see why i was so surprised! (i haven't seen him wear earrings in like 6 years)
but either way i think he looks very handsome in them.

we have a fun weekend of beaches and football in store so stay tuned! all my love to you!

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  1. i love the biking, the world and the pictures!! and of course the S hunt was amazing. love that andrew gill in his new earrings!! love this new hawaiian casa and the tex-hawaiians in it!