mlk day at the black sands beach

ok. i swear that was not supposed to be any sort of pun. we actually spent mlk day at the black sands beach...

but on saturday we went to the farmers market and i bought a pineapple. not that you can taste this picture... just trust me- it was heavenly.
so back to monday (no school for mlk)- we decided to drive a little way away to see the black sand beach!
we got on the road early (like 10:00) so we could have a full day and get the good sun.
andrew was the driver. i was the navigator.
and we jammed to kanye.
take a look at the change of scenery as we drove farther south on the island!
this is just leaving hilo- still very green and jungle looking.
about 45 minutes later it started to get a little dryer and the trees turned less tropical looking.
then we got to lava rocky south! looks like west texas, kind of!
and finally to the black sand beach!!
the sand was hot (but so nice) and the sun was shining just enough.
andrew got a little burnage his first day out and is actively preventing it from now on (not to worry mom)!
we were happy to be there.
loner style lindsey pic.
then andrew went snorkeling and saw beautiful fish and tons of sea turtles! here he is pointing out the spot where a really big one was.
then we caught some rays.
and i macro shot the sand.
wish you were here!
the rocks were all covered in moss and such and it looked lovely.
i liked the way this green moss was smushed.
then a giant bus full of overweight tourists came to see the sea turtles (for which the beach is famed).
this one came out of the water to wave to his fans. now we all know i love animals and we most know that i equally love old kids movies. i couldn't help combining those two loves and thinking of the turtle from milo and otis. not sure what i'm talking about? i found the clip for you!
and that is exactly what this one would have sounded like, had he spoken to us.
what a beautiful beach and what a beautiful day!
so nice to have a monday off- and i hope everyone remembered why:
dr. king, you devoted your life to equality and your mighty dream changed america forever. thank you to everyone that understands- freedom is for every man.

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