lodge crawl and new years eve


to lodge crawl.
this was our third annual lodge crawl. michael's first.
alex is a veteran.
heather rocked some acl pride.
for those of you that don't know- lodge crawl is a pub crawl, but on ski's and in lodges.
some of us get beer.
some get diet coke (which froze).
but its all awesome.
heather and shannon did the hot chocolate crawl.
group shot (minus me- the camera man).
heather and shannon and myself looked like skiing marshmallows. this was our mallow shot.
this is the whole 2011 lodge crawl group- posing for a "end of the crawl" picture- per tradition.
that night we all went to dinner. the old folks watched the little ones so kristen got to come along! we face time called jeff (her hubby) because he was stuck in texas doing smart doctory things.
and he even got included in pictures!
then new years eve arrived! most of the crew flew home for fun parties and concerts. but not the faithful. the legit new years party crew stayed: lindsey, heather, patrick, shannon, jon, and linda.

we spent the day walking around main street.
and even stopped for a drink and a pizza.
then we went home, got cute, and came back!
we had new years eve dinner at wahso.
if you are ever in park city- please- go to this restaurant. it was unbelievable!
we had grilled octopus, soups, salads, duck, tuna, mussels, etc, etc, etc!
and for dessert we had the chocolate sampler with a hot chocolate shot and a coconut creme brulee in a coconut!
it was a really really fun dinner. and in no way did i mean to neglect heather in this photo.
and they have all these cool lights outside that heather captured wonderfully with the new fisheye.
they gave us hats when we left
(they didn't really want to give them to us for some reason, but shannon persisted).
the car was an icicle!
we got home just in time for the countdown!!
we speedily poured champagne and welcomed the new year!
then posed for some "aren't we cool with our champagne" photos.
the ladies.
barbie left her camera behind, so i took a few pics.
then we had a big dance party- big willy style and salt-n-peppa (duh).
heath with a heath. different pronunciations, same spelling. but which is more delicious??
the next morning, santa was still celebrating.
and so the sun set on 2010 and we flew home.
toby was very very happy to see us.
and i am happy to have seen the snow and the mountains before i go to a climate that never leaves 84 degrees. miss you already, mountains and snow!
goodbye 2010! you shall be missed!
you brought me all kinds of joys abroad and at home.
now 2011 shall take my small family over another ocean.
i can't wait!

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