loco lunch, scenic stroll, and huli huli chicken

day one. i had to sign up for classes (that were only a few short days away) and andrew didn't have much on his agenda, so up to uh hilo campus we drove (in our bright red mazda 6). i wandered a bit and then found an adorable advisor from the marine science department. she helped me sign up for classes. but that is the boring part. blah blah blah, i got signed up for some stuff, blah blah, we left.

then we were hungry.
we drove past a place that was absolutely packed with people and cars. andrew and i agreed that if that many people liked it, we might also. the place was "cafe 100." it is all outdoor seating and you just place your order at the counter (austinites: think el chilito atmosphere).

i approached the overwhelmingly long menu and was confused by almost everything i read. nothing had a description, only a name. (example: "super loco") then i noticed a few drawings hanging on the windows. one in particular was an artist rendition of the "super loco" complete with labels. it was a huge lump of macaroni salad and another of slaw. then on top of that there was rice, two hamburger patties, two fried eggs, and maybe a sauce. oh and a superman was holding it.

andrew went safe with the grilled mahi (no loco involved) and brown rice. i tasted it. it was yum. i was j.
i actually ordered a fried rice loco, even though i still hadn't figured out (even from the drawings)what the common denominator was in the locos. turns out it is the egg.
mine was fried rice, cabbage, and a fried egg. oh and three slices of sausage that i didn't fancy.
** fried rice loco side note: i ate until i felt like puking, took the rest home and actually ate the rest last night for dinner. the second half also made me feel like puking due to fullness. cafe 100 gives you a lot of bang for a buck.

so after that we went down by the water to take a "post giant meal walk."
the trees in this city are the most amazing i have ever seen. and i think that says something.
there is a little place called coconut island that is connected by a footbridge. you walk across, over the water, and on to the beautiful green grass, surrounded by palm trees.
it really was a beautiful day.
and a windy one. (sorry to those requesting a photo of my new haircut. i, being the photographer, don't make it into many shots. but trust me, it isn't worth any kind of anticipation)
andrew gazed at the water.
and we looked for turtles.
day two:
the time was upon us. we had to shop for house stuff. don't worry, hilo has a home depot.
but i've never walked out of a home depot and seen such a pretty sight (though the iphone doesn't do it justice).
andrew liked it so much, he did a handstand.
then andrew was hungry (theme?). we saw a man selling chicken in a cart just past home depot. we checked it out. i thought i wasn't hungry... until i smelled the chicken...
turns out it was totally amazing and eaten in it's entirety before we returned to our driveway.
the next day, the shipping people (with all our boxes) came.
then the real unpacking began...

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