in hawaii and back on the world wide web!


we have internet.

but toby is still here:
he won't be arriving for another couple of weeks (sad face). so in the meantime, i will be updating you on how things are going in hawaii! and there is much to tell...

early (very early) on the morning of january 5th, i woke up and got ready to leave for the airport. toby, as you would probably guess, is always downstairs, by his bowl, and ready to eat at the first sight of waking humans. but on that morning, toby would not leave the doorway of my bedroom. he saw all the big bags and would not take his eyes off of me.
break my heart.
he barked and yelped as i walked out the door and i actually burst into tears.
then we drove to the airport, realizing just as we pulled into dfw that our flight was at 6:30, rather than 6:50. suddenly we were very very late and we had 5 gigantic bags to check. we rushed up and curbside checked them only to realize (too late) that we checked them only to honolulu and not all the way to hilo. the very kind curbside man went inside with us to try and remedy the problem, but as soon as they canceled the incorrect check tags, we entered the last 40 minutes before the flight departed. that meant they could no longer check bags. i, an absolute paranoid nut about making flights, was in a bit of a panic. thanks to a few pulled strings and a sweet lady named betty, they priority tagged them and somehow got them to the plane in time. then, after a hurried and stressful security check and a bit of a jog to our gate, we got on the plane. i cried for the first 45 minutes of the flight to la. i was sad to say goodbye to the entire contents of austin tx, toby, and my dear family. i am really bad at bye.

once to la, my eyes were beginning to burn like fire. never fly in contacts if you are prone to dry eyes- especially if you are going to be crying. i threw my contacts away, but my normal glasses were (foolishly) checked in the bottom of my big suitcase. i was forced to wear my glasses from (not kidding) 7th grade, and look like harry potter for the rest of our very long day.
at last we arrived in honolulu and it was hot and beautiful! but we had a 3.5 hour layover (yuck). we spent the layover in a small bar with hot wings and a few drinks. then we got on our small flight to hilo! (for those of you thinking of visiting- it is not this hard to get to hilo- we just took a really really long route due to last minute flights)
it is a short flight to hilo, but a beautiful one. as we descended through the clouds, we saw a bit of the sunset.
and we were tired. after only 2 hours of sleep, our travel day began at 4:00 am (texas time) and ended at 9:00 pm (hawaii time- 4 hours behind texas time). make sense?
we fastened our seat belts, and saw our new home.
it was overcast and cool and really beautiful.
after renting a car and wedging our 5 giant bags into it, we drove to our new house! mind you, the house is furnished, so it felt a bit like we were crashing someone else's place. also keep in mind that we had, until this moment, never seen the place!

bags flew in every direction and things were pulled out of every zipper and pocket. but wouldn't you know it, i still couldn't find my glasses. (probably due to the near blindness caused by looking through my seventh grade prescription all day)
we did a "real world hawaii" style- sprint around the house as fast as you can, claiming closets and cabinets, and saying "wow! awesome!"

actually, we just walked around with our eyes half closed saying "can you believe this is our house now?" then we found the orange tree in the backyard (yes we have one of those) and we plucked an orange. it tasted like citrus heaven.
and i was so overjoyed to find the flowers my family had waiting for us at the house!!
they are beautiful, but i will have to show you a picture later (after we swapped the horrible fluorescent lights for some nice warm lamps).
we hurried to macys (as it was closing) and bought sheets and towels. then we did a quick grocery shop for snacks and a bottle of wine. we sat outside and listened to the frogs. i got about three sips into my wine and decided, though nice in theory, it was not going to treat me well. i went to bed (still looking like a horrible and sleepy version of harry potter).
even though we have only been here a week, now, i have lots and lots to show and tell you! keep checking in- i will be rapid fire blogging to catch you guys up!


  1. yay! I was waiting on a hawaii blog. I wanna see pics of the place once you get settled...and your new haircut...anything and everything!

  2. I remember those glasses. I am pretty sure they went on the wilderness trip with us, DUH. It looks like you are having a blast my friend, I am so glad I got to see you before you left!!!!