house warming, tweaking, and preparing

this week i got an adorable house warming gift from my cousins patrick and shannon!
gourmet gift? already excited.
adorable and delicious!
it had chips, salsa, snacks, jalapeno cheese and margarita mix + salt! welcome to hilo, margarita mondays! thank you darling cousins! i have the best family ever.
then, a few days later, i got another fun thing in the mail! i opened the box and saw this:
and look what was under it!! a toby picture!! (thank you, mom, you made my day)
speaking of toby... he is scheduled on a saturday morning flight!!! (my poor mother has to take him to the airport at 4:00 am!) i have a flight to go pick him up at 3:00 pm, so hopefully (weather permitting) i will have a tobe tomorrow! his new bed is waiting...
hanging up the new toby picture finally got me to focus on the boring walls and i decided to hang the curtains! don't they make it look homier??
there is toby again.
this morning i woke up and started reading for class. i was sitting on the front porch and got to watch this really amazing rain storm roll in! check it out... the clouds are covering the volcano now, but if they weren't there you would see the snow topped mountain straight ahead.
mmm rain... andrew's beach towel has become a permanent fixture on the front porch.
here is my driveway. and those beautiful flowers you see on either side? yeah, those just grow there. i don't have to do anything. they just live there. amazing?
green green grass.
and more bushes.
yesterday was really hot and sunny and i got to go out on the boat with my oceanography lab. we learned how to read charts and basically do everything a gps does, but without the gps. between exercises, i got tan.

hopefully if you check in tomorrow night you will see toby pictures!! i am erupting with joy and excitement! see you then...

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  1. woo hoo! I hope it actually taste as good as it looks, you never know with that type of stuff. Miss you guys so much! xoxo