he's bluetiful

new car!!
last week, i purchased my new hilo car!
it is small and blue and funny looking and i love it!!!
funny story:
andrew and i were in the car dealership, waiting for all the paperwork and nonsense to get taken care of. andrew stands up and says, "i'm going to go get a coffee." i say, "they have coffee here?" he says, "uh, it's a car dealership..." (so that explains it). as he walks over to the coffee station (which did, in fact, exist), the owner of the dealership walks up behind him and asks, "who is this lovely young lady?"
this is what he saw:
andrew turned around and the old man saw this:
a bit awkward.

anywho, here is the car! it gets really good gas mileage and andrew and i love driving it. it had brothers and sisters on the lot in much more stylish and classy colors like black and silver... but they were literally thousands of dollars more! is the blue that repulsive??? my little man was on clearance! so i got the little ugly one that no one else wanted, and nothing could make me love it more.
and, don't worry, i've been doing my homework!
hey, three day weekend!

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