the girls build a snowman (sort of)

one day, while in utah, heather, kristen, avery, and myself set off into the snow to build a snowman. we had all the face pieces- banana for mouth, baby carrot for nose, and googly eyes for... eyes.
banana mouth!
waiting for his body...
avery made it snow.
and kristen and i had a really hard time getting the snow to stick together.
so in the end, the snowman was more of a blob than a man. but the face made it work. we gave him some tree needle hair, a hat, and red gloves. even some stick arms to give avery a high five!
then kristen (yes- kristen of the lullabylubbock blog) took aves for a sled ride.
and it was totally worth the deathly hike back to the top of the hill.

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