first day of school!

first day of school! first day of school!
i was apprehensive about starting school again. however, i am a lover of organization (no laughs please), pens, and note taking. i take notes for literally everything i do. you cannot even imagine the satisfaction i got from those tabs on that notebook.
i obviously didn't take any pictures of my classes (because that would have been weird) but this is pretty much exactly what it looked like. me (nemo), mr. ray (the professor), and all the other fishes (classmates)- ready to learn!
i biked home, put my bike in the garage, regained a semi-normal breathing pattern, and went inside to find a really adorable welcome home from andrew.
complete with fresh flowers from the market!
we don't have any vases, so we used a couple beer bottles and a wine bottle. i think it looks cute.
andrew has been drinking his weight in green tea. this photo doesn't totally do it justice, because once he ran out of green tea he moved into the root beers. there have to be 25 cans in there.
he also went to the fish market and bought fresh (like really really fresh) mahi and shrimp. and yes, that is a silver toilet paper holder on the counter. who knew those could break- even more- who knew they sold replacements at walmart!
and here is our dinner:
spicy mahi, grilled shrimp, and potato/parsnip mash.
mega delish. i love andrew the chef!
as we slept, mauna kea got a bunch of snow! this picture is from my front door. whaaaat??
one week in, school is great. thanks for everyone encouraging me!

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  1. i LOVE IT!! love the organization and love the dinner with fresh fish. sounds amazing! and the flowers. so sweet andrew!!