welcome home toby!

guess who the live animal is...
today was toby's homecoming day!!
yes, i made him a banner...
and here he is!
my mother (bless her) took toby to the airport at 4:00 am. apparently it was an insanely confusing process and after going into like 5 wrong buildings and a lot of paperwork, she got him on the plane. he flew from dfw to lax and then on to honolulu!
so i flew to honolulu and went to the animal quarantine center at the airport.
the people there were really nice and helped me move toby from the big hard crate the small soft crate. i checked the hard crate and was able to carry on the little toby bag.
he was so sweet and well behaved and never barked once! but he did cry a little.

i was dying of thirst and need for caffeine and i knew toby was in need of some edible love. i went to burger king and got a dr. pepper and fries for the tobe. i snuck him little bits and he was appreciative!
the toby ticket!
andrew picked us up at the airport and toby was finally free of the bag!
he had a lot of new smells to smell...
andrew even brought one of those signs that the drivers hold up at the airport. I especially like the designs.
and my mom got him this awesome surfing shirt at build-a-bear! how amazing. i open the crate and out comes a clothed tobe. ready for the beach.
still smelling smells...
we got home and showed him his new "yard." he looked at us like, "uh.. where is the grass?"
andrew was so happy to have the little man back!
i was so happy to have him back at my feet!
and here is the evil crate. i brought it in from the car and toby sniffed it a bit and ran away.
yesterday, i went and got him some new bowls.
and new dry food, a container, treats, and a can of food for extra deliciousness.
i fed him dinner (first meal in like 20 hours) when we got home, but still referred to it as "breakfast." he was thrilled.
and i got him a toy rooster to snuggle with. they are fast friends.
he has been snuggling us all evening.
and then found a good spot on the couch.
our home is complete!
oh, and check out this new collar/tag i got him! peace sign?? with the new address on the back! love it.
toby, you have no idea how glad we are to have you back in our lives and back on the blog!!


house warming, tweaking, and preparing

this week i got an adorable house warming gift from my cousins patrick and shannon!
gourmet gift? already excited.
adorable and delicious!
it had chips, salsa, snacks, jalapeno cheese and margarita mix + salt! welcome to hilo, margarita mondays! thank you darling cousins! i have the best family ever.
then, a few days later, i got another fun thing in the mail! i opened the box and saw this:
and look what was under it!! a toby picture!! (thank you, mom, you made my day)
speaking of toby... he is scheduled on a saturday morning flight!!! (my poor mother has to take him to the airport at 4:00 am!) i have a flight to go pick him up at 3:00 pm, so hopefully (weather permitting) i will have a tobe tomorrow! his new bed is waiting...
hanging up the new toby picture finally got me to focus on the boring walls and i decided to hang the curtains! don't they make it look homier??
there is toby again.
this morning i woke up and started reading for class. i was sitting on the front porch and got to watch this really amazing rain storm roll in! check it out... the clouds are covering the volcano now, but if they weren't there you would see the snow topped mountain straight ahead.
mmm rain... andrew's beach towel has become a permanent fixture on the front porch.
here is my driveway. and those beautiful flowers you see on either side? yeah, those just grow there. i don't have to do anything. they just live there. amazing?
green green grass.
and more bushes.
yesterday was really hot and sunny and i got to go out on the boat with my oceanography lab. we learned how to read charts and basically do everything a gps does, but without the gps. between exercises, i got tan.

hopefully if you check in tomorrow night you will see toby pictures!! i am erupting with joy and excitement! see you then...


story from my lab table: complete with facial expression reenactments

all of these photographs are reenactments. the names have been changed to protect my lab partner.

first week of school:so i ended up next to this kid on the first day of my marine bio lab (8am monday morning- yikes). he seemed normal enough- kind of one of those guys that just look too big. not grossly fat or freakishly tall, really just too big for his own comfort. just in case more than 10 of you look at this blog, i will refrain from using his name and simply call him "lp" (for lab partner). so i said "hello," and sat down. my professor explained the lab and we set to work.
now, let us all remember that i haven't been in a math or science class in many years. more importantly, i haven't been asked to do a lab in about 7 or 8 years. i mean- the microscope looked intimidating and the thought of things like "the scientific method" only brought back bad memories. thanks to the large gap in my lab experience, a few of the questions tripped me up a bit at first. my initial thought was, "i'll ask my lab partner! and look how diligently he is working... that plus the glasses is suggesting that he is intelligent. i must be in luck!" [all that was in my head].
your right, i stereotyped this young man. that was wrong of me. but the karma gods smote me back quickly- just as i leaned over to ask my question, he looked up and said "do you know what we are doing?"
...i hate this question. i raise an eyebrow at lp and say, "we are supposed to measure the organisms on the slides." "oh," he says. i then decide not to ask lp my question. a few minutes later, i notice out of my peripheral a giant mistake taking place under his microscope.
"no no no!" i say, "you can't do that or you will break it!"
"oh," he says again.
an hour passes. so far, i have learned that lp has broken five of his fingers, is blind in one eye, and cannot multiply. at the beginning of our class, the teacher passed out forms that we were asked to sign and hand in (so we won't sue if we die out on a coral reef). we sign it, turn it in, and then the teacher signs it. the teacher is labeled "witness" on the form. 2.5 hours into class, lp looks at me and thrusts his paper in my face, "would you like to sign as my witness?"
i explain the situation and he says, "oh," turns in his paper, and leaves. he leaves behind his lab. his lab!!! the one we just worked on for almost three hours! that we are supposed to finish at home and turn in next week! ahhhhhh! i turn it in for him and leave.
this week: we had mlk day off (a monday) so we didn't have lab last week. i had almost completely forgotten about lp. i walk in, sit down at a table, and who walks in behind me?? lp... he sits down next to me again. he says nothing, but breathes really loudly.

the professor comes in a bit later and passes out that days lab. i read through it (as does the rest of the class) and then the professor explains it. we have now read and heard exactly what we are to do in this lab. we are studying osmosis and using potato cells as the example. i go gather the materials including the potato. lp asks if we are allowed to eat the potato. i look at him like this:
and assumed it was a sufficient answer. then he asks the professor, "are we allowed to eat the potatoes? i skipped breakfast..." "no," she says. he takes a bite of the potato anyway, looks at me and says, "thats like a three week old potato."
i give lp the most basic job. literally a job that toby could have done, had he been blessed with thumbs. i ask him to fill the petri dishes with the different solutions and make sure to fill them to the line. he comes back with each only half full.
i say, "you have to fill it to the line." he says, "close enough isn't it?"
i say, "no it isn't."
he says, "why? this stuff doesn't have to be exact..."
i say, "it's science. of course it has to be exact."
he rebuttals, "science isn't exact! just ask doctors! the guy that invented penicillin?? drunk. discovered it totally by accident."
"i can't talk to you right now. please just go fill the dishes to the line." he shrugs and goes back to filling the dishes. i begin removing cores from the potato. lp comes back and says, "now what." i say, "measure these into two centimeter pieces." he hands one to me that is clearly not two centimeters.
i say, "i think you measured inches."
"no, i measured centimeters."
"show me."
(holds potato core up to ruler)
"those are inches."
"oh... ok here are centimeters"
now i go and weigh our first potato core. i write down the weight and then go to slice it into 5mm pieces. one slice, two slice, three... slice? wait. this is not two centimeters.
"lp, this is not even close to two centimeters..."
"i'm blind in one eye."
many many mistakes later, i assign lp to all the things that involve zero math or intelligence. i make a wet mount slide of larval organisms and tell him to find six of them and show me each one. he stares through the microscope for a long time- all the while- mumbling and cursing the little larvae for escaping the field of view. this gives me time to complete the lab. then i help him find the organisms.
finally! 11:00! time to leave this terrible nightmare! i clean up, lp and i pack up our things, and i remind him not to leave behind his lab again. as we walk out the door, he says, "that wasn't too bad, was it? see you next monday!"


sunny saturday

on saturday, we decided to go a little south down the coast to see some beautiful waves and swim in the tide pools. there was a storm just over hilo bay, but we were still in the clear. it made for a beautiful day.
we watched the water crash on the rocks.
and we watched the clouds build and darken in the distance.
it is so fun to study oceanography and then to come see this on the weekends.
this is the exact moment that andrew realized his bag perfectly matched his attire.
look at that wave!
hello there!
big trees
back on the sand.
take a little swim.
get a little sun.
it was a beautiful.

still no toby. i have to wait for his paperwork to be processed and then have to wait 10 days. i'm really anxious to get my little man here. life is weird without him, and i'm sure the blog is boring without him. anyway, he should be here in a couple weeks...

happy playoffs! good luck jets!!