travel to london by train

monday morning we got up and packed to leave for london. we were a combination of sad and excited. the train journey over to london was so beautiful though. every house, hill, and tree was covered in white snow and every horse was wearing a coat. i read the paper and watched the houses go by.
and i read about how angry everyone is about the world cup bid... especially boris.
andrew listened to kanye and sipped a ginger ale.
we made it in to doug and pauline's house, but they had lots to do, so we went out for dinner. we saw a noodle bar that had just opened and it advertised that you could bring you own bottle and that there was free wi-fi. nothing else needed to be said. we went inside.

the food was not good at all, but the internet was. and when we went in the corner shop next door for a bottle of wine, andrew bought a big bottle of hot sauce as well. here is the damage after his first round of food.
then he got a second helping.
then he started sweating. needless to say, doug and pauline were impressed at andrew's ability to eat half a bottle of habenero sauce in one meal.
and with the free wi-fi, we were able to catch up on our nfl highlights! here we go cowboys!!! my fantasy team didn't have quite the success, but whatever...

more to come soon! missing everyone so much!


  1. Glad you guys made it to London alright. For Andy that hot sauce you bought is the best in town. Enjoy the rest of your stay! Take care to both x

  2. hahaha I loved "especially Boris" comment. With photo, naturally.

  3. probably my fave trait of andrews.