toby did a bad bad thing

sorry for the blog delay... things have been busy here...

sunday after we got home, andrew and i got to join my family at the cowboy game. i kissed toby goodbye and we went to cheer on the boys.
here is heatherino and myself.
and andrew too! the game was great (even though we lost).
so we got home and greeted the dogs, but they were all acting really funny... toby was sitting under a chair. i noticed a bit of a food wrapper in his bed. i said, "hey, someone got into some food, i think!" then we noticed something stuck to his foot.... more wrapper...
we walked around the house and started finding chocolate candies (that we brought home from england) all over the house. we followed toby into my room and found the gold mine.
a million rose's wrappers...
all carefully unwrapped and emptied.
then i came downstairs and found what happened to the chocolate after toby ate it:
gigantic chocolate vomit!
my mom helped me clean it up (so much appreciation, mother).
and so did nature's miracle (truly working miracles again).
heather helped by photographing. she approached the vomit once and then gagged herself away from it. i cleaned toby's face off.
he resisted.
he was ashamed.
we later found a second puddle of vomit. it was double gross.

thanks for that, toby!!

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