toblerone for tobe

in addition to the rose's chocolates (that toby ate in their entirety), i brought back toblerone chocolate in all flavors. my family really likes it and everyone knows it's much better on that side of the atlantic...
so, one morning, heather, the dogs and myself were hanging out- talking about life. bailey was sharing her thoughts on racism and the stereotyping of white dogs.
tanq was zoned out and tobes was thinking about how much he enjoyed breakfast.
then heather and i realized what a brilliant opportunity we had before us! toby and toblerone (which is, of course, one of his many nicknames) in the same room! he felt taunted for being sat among the chocolate but not being allowed to eat it.
we told him he had enough the night before and threatened to send him to chocoholics anonymous if he didn't stop begging.
bailey was a little bummed that her name doesn't rhyme with a chocolate.
and on that note- i am going to watch home alone 2 (again).

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