sunday lunch in the pub and our fond farewell to portsmouth

sunday was our last day in portsmouth. it was the first sunny day since we got there, and the snow had all melted so it was safe to venture out. grandma was feeling well too so we all went down the the street to the pub and carvery for sunday lunch. we got there about 45 minutes early to avoid the queue, which grandma warned us of, so we sat and had a breakfast beer and took some photos.
then the line for food opened up and we were first! the meat choices were turkey, roast beef, and gammon (or ham to you yanks!). we got two meat choices and all the veg we could ask for. as you can see, andrew let no plate space go to waste!
and there is the after photo. well done andy.
once back home, we set up the camera for a timer shot of the three of us.
after this, we decided to set out and have a nice sunday of wandering around portsmouth. we waited for our regular bus, but the sunday schedule is not as frequent as other days, so we decided to jump on another one! then we just decided to get off somewhere in the vague vicinity (or so we thought) of something we recognized. turns out we weren't where we thought and we ended up walking quite a way. here is andrew by something that looked pretty.
then we got to the water! like i said before, the smell of the ocean is great no matter where you are.
andrew set a bad example for some kids walking past that immediately tried to climb the wall too.
then he took a photo of me that i wasn't feeling in the mood for so this face was the result.
but then i agreed for a couple photo.
look at the rocks! sorry for stealing your boots heather... i promise i won't wear them in rain or snow!
we were obviously thrilled to be by the ocean!
and we took a walk on the beach! there were pebbles and shells everywhere so we didn't get sandy (heather...).
we passed an area that had games and rides that andrew remembered seeing when he was a kiddo. he was sad that he couldn't ride the rollercoaster.
see? clarence pier.
and the sun was still shining!
and we crossed over this bridge with fog rolling in ahead.
then came by a huge cruise ship- fog trailing close behind.
hey andrew.
ohhh look at that fog coming in!
in mere minutes it was solid fog and the temperature dropped- significantly!
brrr... cold...
hey!! we found our road finally!!
then we had a stroll through a shopping area that was full of christmas shoppers and small choirs. christmas cheer was in the air.

then we found a mexican restaurant.
you know andrew was tempted to discredit their "heat meter."
and so ended our final day in portsmouth! grandma gill, i know you will never read this, but we can't thank you enough for letting us stay with you. your home is wonderful, you were so sweet, and i can't tell you how much fun we had!
lots and lots of love!!

now off to london...

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