a snowy day at the shops

hello again all! i am back at the computer again! i am just going to post post post and you can figure out the correct order if you want. we are back at the restaurant with internet so i'm taking advantage. now lets travel back in time and i'll catch you up.............

goodmorning friday! the snow had not cleared up at all, and england had not yet realized it wasn't the apocalypse. grandma gill was a bit apprehensive of us leaving the house, but we decided to brave the cold anyway.
we walked (without any slipping or falling) down to the bus stop and caught the number 21.
and we found the shops! most importantly, we found the marks and spencer.
and andrew found the canned mixed drinks.
i wasted no time shopping for christmas.... gifts only... i swear....

ok maybe a couple things for myself!
burger king?
here's andrew and myself out shopping with all the other brave citizens that did not fear the snow.
then we got hungry. we found a thai food cart that looked promising.
it was actually called "the magic bus thai cafe."
luckily, our tummies steered us in the right direction- the food was amazing.
and then the sun peeked out! hello shy british sun!
we walked to the cyber cafe (here i am on the way).
we caught up on emails and such then caught the bus back home. we stopped on the way for "oriental express chinese take away" that grandma requested. we were fortunate enough to encounter this fantastic christmas display just across the street!
craig, andrew said this reminded him of you.

cheers all!

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