saturday began with this face....
we arrived quite early at the train station all ready and packed up to spend a day/night in brighton! we booked an amazing hotel by the sea with an ocean view. everything was looking up until we were next in line to purchase train tickets and the man taped up a piece of paper that said "all south bound trains to brighton will not be running today." yikes. that was us.

so we sadly walked out of the station, paid about ten u.s. dollars on a pay phone to call our hotel (and still never got them), then found our way to a bar/restaurant to spend lunch at. here i am with my lunch and cider! (not to worry, i peeled off the bread part)
here andrew is drenching his in malt vinegar (which i think is gross but he loves it).
andrew bought me this shot. it is called a slippery nipple. before you get too confused, let me explain. this bar had a vast array of interesting "shooters" and they all had more than interesting names. andrew claimed i had to sample one (and to be honest, i needed it after such a long and stressful morning on the phone, just to learn i would not be refunded for my hotel).
if children are reading this next bit, be advised that the names are not appropriate.

the one i had is on the left- slippery nipple. it was nice. a little sambuca, baileys and cherry.
i wanted the union jack for obvious reasons, but it didn't sound as drinkable.
the middle one here is really my favorite. "fancy a quickie?" i really want andrew to try a flatliner and no one should ever shoot whipped cream, so the blow job is right out.
mind you, i only tried the nipple one...
this is my, "here goes" face.
and this is my, "so thats what a slippery nipple tastes like eh?" face.
after this i was feeling much better about the weather (especially after andrew gave me his red jacket) and we went for a walk around the shops and through the harbor.
mr. andrew and myself on a little bridge after we watched some ice skaters. we wanted to join in but andrew pointed out that "the only adults out there have little kids..."
this was a huge and awesome crane that andrew liked.
here you can see it better.
a nice man took our photo in front of the ships.
then andrew pretended to shoot things.
i love seeing water, even if it is zero degrees.
my handsome man and the ships.
look at those anchors!
here's andrew and the victory.
and me and some ships i don't know the names of.
andrew leaned over to catch a better look.
and for some reason i found this humorous. it really isn't in retrospect.
both of us and the victory!
and then we saw a sign for hovercrafts! but then we realized that this was britain, rather than star wars, and they were boats, rather than awesome floating cars.
we finished our evening out at another pub. andrew even got to help them put up some christmas decor that only he could reach!
another strongbow for lins. btw- they have it on tap here and it is way better. be jealous, fellow strongbow lovers.
we caught the 21 bus back home from the harbor and counted it a lovely day, despite the lack of trains, brighton, hotel, money, etc.
tomorrow we will go to london to see andrew's great aunt pauline! one more portsmouth post first though. catch you back in london!!

oh and if our fantasy football team thought we would forget to set up our teams, don't be fooled. we are totes ready for sunday. unfortunately, however, andrew and i are playing each other so it doesn't really matter...

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  1. yall are like my favorite people ever. and you dont know how many people agree with me-like everyone who has ever met yall. So so cute. and i feel like the scarf was too big to keep you warm. maybe you need a shorter one that would be warmer. or a longer one that you could wrap twice...