more travel: dfw to lhr

so since andrew and i will not rest until we see the entire earth, we flew to england on tuesday to see his relatives! our flight was late in the evening and we got to the airport plenty early. what to do with extra time? margarita and salsa!
it was good to squeeze in a bit of mexican food before leaving texas.
boarding pass. little did we know, we would be in the oldest plane in american airlines history and in the smallest seats known to man. the flight was a long one.
so it was a good thing we snuck in one more beverage after the margs.
here we are on the tiny terrible plane! happy to be traveling once again!
then we arrived, exhausted and stiff. my neck still hurts days later.

after getting off the plane, we picked up our bags and pulled out our big coats, gloves, hats, and scarves! it was... how you say... freezing!! we hurried and caught the airport express train to paddington station.
we took the underground from paddington to waterloo and had a bit of a wait for our train to portsmouth. we took a peak outside to see the sights, but it was insanely cold so we kept it brief.
i may or may not have had a time getting my luggage up and down the stairs...
after conversing with a really nice train assistance dude in a yellow coat, we found the fastest train to portsmouth. it took a couple of hours, and since it gets dark at like 4 pm, it was totally dark once we arrived.
and we may or may not have missed our stop and went a bit farther than necessary.
our first round of travel was very successful! no trouble at all to speak of and it has only been getting better. can't wait to tell you about portsmouth! grandma gill does not have a computer and internet is few and far between so please forgive my lack of posting. but trust me, there are stories to tell!

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  1. i got in a heated argument at the cantino laredo in the background of the first picture in April. They said they were closed, but they obviously weren't, they were just trying to hold a brother down. F that cantino lardeo.