last day in london: walking in the winter wonderland

the sun went down (at like 4:00) and we ventured over to hyde park. that is where they are hosting the "winter wonderland" this year. it runs throughout december and it is kind of like a small christmas fair. it has rides, games, food, music, shops, etc!
andrew skied with santa.
i greeted this very tall santa.
and we both got a sambuca (not flaming this time) but very delish.
we met ebenezer scrooge. i shared my sambuca with him.
then andrew played an archery game.
he started out really strong and destroyed a balloon with his first arrow. well done.
but the rest were not as accurate. it was a tough loss.
but the adorable man working the booth gave me a consolation prize. obviously he thought i was charming. (duh) or those little pink hearts cost two cents and he gives them away to every female/child.
then i wanted to play a game, but i am not skilled in the game arena. i decided on a game that was a guarantee to win game (meant for small children). hook a santa game!
and i won this lion and i named him galileo.
we quickly recognized the similarity between him and andrew. especially with the hat.
then we found a third lion to join the crew.
then i got drink number two.
andrew chatted with some wise men.
then we ventured back over to the "sit in santa's lap" booth. unfortunately, children usually have bed times before this hour, so santa had packed up his chair/camera. i was very sad.
then i wanted to try my hand at the ball throwing game. three balls- knock down a tower of cans.
and only one remained!! i was so close!
either this carney did not find me as charming, or he noticed galileo and decided i only needed so many prizes. nothing came from the ball/can game but this great picture above.
then i got some hot coffee and it hit the spot.
it was (again) very hard to find food for me. but then i found this guy with turkey! hurrah! i got a leg. yum.
andrew wanted a brat.
see? check it out!
he enjoyed it.
then we decided to go to a fun house . there were moving floors and walls- a giant maze, and tons of mirrors.
laugh on moving floor.
then we caught the piccadilly home.
and weaved goodbye to england!
england, we shall miss you!
you were oh so good to us.
hope to see you again soon- cheers!!


  1. i want to walk in winter woderland! so jelly. i'm particularly fond of the lion and heart prizes. you know how i feel about fair games.

  2. oh my god. photo of andrew plus lion?! BEST thing i have ever seen. obsessed with you both.