last day in london (part one)

goodmorning london! you are so beautiful today!
we felt a little silly about getting lost the day before, so today we made sure to get to the bus stop with no trouble at all. it turns out, we only missed one turn and were so so close to where we meant to be all along! but today there were absolutely no problems. hello bus stop!
we waited.
then came our bus! the ride to the underground stop is a little way away, so we get to sit up top and enjoy the view. this time, we got the front seat. it made me happy because i could see everything so well!
hello bus!
lindsey and andrew on bus.
at last we made it to wood green. and from there we went into the big city and had the greatest day imaginable!!
i really really want to tell you about it now, but i took like a million pictures and it is past 1:00am right now. we have to wake up super early so we will get to the airport with plenty of time, and i'm thinking sleep might overtake blog in priority.

we saw big ben, a giant protest with a million police officers, an enormous winter wonderland festival, so very many street performers, and a big jacket potato (that i ate). but it shall have to wait...

so i guess that means i'll be wrapping up our final england blog from the u-s-of-a. (with toby by my side!!) i can't wait to show him the things i've brought him...

so glad to be coming home to see everyone! hit me up this weekend if you are in big d! that is where i shall be (if i'm not sleeping for days on end).

until then... xoxo

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