last day in london: covent garden and protesters

after the british museum, we headed to walk around covent garden. along the walk, we saw some of those face cut out things.
here is what andrew and i look like as paddingtons!
we were big fans of the bike lanes around here. much safer.
and the walk was beautiful! and the sun was actually shining!
blue taxi.
and so we arrived at covent garden.
its a beautiful area full of markets, shops, food, street performers, and beautiful sights.
this gold guy stole that little girls mitten. but he gave it back.
this old cat lady was a really excellent living statue. she was solid silver and she had a silver cat in her lap.
cute phone booths (that steal your money quite rapidly).
everything was all decorated for christmas.
then we got hungry and andrew spotted a big paella stand. they actually had a sign up to tell me it had gluten (once again, a food i wanted but couldn't eat).
here he is enjoying the deliciousness.
then i was lured toward this stand. it contained a little man making waffles, doughnuts, cakes, pies, muffins, scones, etc. bah!! i wanted all of it. instead, i landed on the only non wheat food he had: a jacket potato.
not this...
and it was good.

then we walked outside for some air and a mulled wine and heard commotion.
we realized that it was the protesting students!
they marched all over the city and it ended in a huge riot in which people were arrested, windows were broken, stores were looted, police were called to action, and a couple of tube stops were shut down. countless other bad things happened, but it didn't get bad till after dark.
they are angry because of the huge increase in school costs.
i enjoyed watching such enthusiasm.
and reading some good signs.
there were helicopters circling above.
it was really interesting. i'm just glad we didn't get caught up in the violent part.
onward to the rest of the day!

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  1. i cant get over how beautifulyoulook in the pic with your lunch. unbelievable. i LOVE this triP!