last day in london: the british museum

we made it home! a super long and uncomfortable ten hour plane ride yesterday and we are back in texas! i do however, still owe you some blogs. so lets get to that- our final day in london.

i brought my fancy camera out this day, so i took advantage and tried to take some good photos of the city and such. i even threw in a few b&w's and such.
so we rode the tube into town and headed for the british museum.
**this post will not be as boring as it sounds**
escalator to level zero (ground is zero and anything below is -1, -2, etc), which i think is a much more logical system than 1, 2, 3, g, "star," p, gg... ugh, america! don't make it complicated!
andrew, looking handsome as usual.
we emerged onto the street into a busy crowd and a little flower stand. it was nice and i was playing with the camera.
and it happened to be a beautiful day!
every single building is pretty. every single.
i could live there...
i liked this very green costume shop.
and then we arrived at the beautiful british museum. entry is free! but small donations are encouraged.
i was excited. i love a museum.
it was much warmer inside than the -2〫outside so i took off my jacket. then andrew got really happy to see i was representing our longhorns.
and the entry to the british museum is awesome. the ceiling is this huge beautiful glass dome and its really stunning.
we went straight for the egyptian stuff because both andrew and myself think its cool. "raaaar" said andrew.
candid "lindsey the museum explorer" shot.
aphrodite! (we passed through the greek stuff for a moment)
there were lots of kiddos on field trips (keep in mind that everything british kids say is funnier and more adorable than american kids) and there were these three little boys running all around the greek statues pointing at "parts" and laughing hysterically. they got a kick out of aphrodite's backside.
look! hieroglyphics!
(oh my goodness i spelled that right on the first try!)
**pat on own back**
this is me saying, "look! hieroglyphics!"
(i knew it couldn't happen twice in a row... thanks, spellcheck)
the exhibit really was huge.
andrew really enjoyed it. the look in his eyes right now is probably due to him realizing that i'm photographing him.
hey! just goin up stairs!
then we got to the mummies...
this was a mummified sacred bull.
it looked awesome and i appreciated that he achieved "sacred" status as a bull.
...but then i remembered being in india and watching cows walk all over the streets and once again remembered my opinion on cow worship.
hey look at that dead guy!
these little girls really liked this buddha.
and then we said goodbye to the british museum. and i spared you too many boring museum photos. your welcome.
around noon we set off to our next stop...

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